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  • Crissy on 20.8.2016

    Ana comentou em 9 de julho de 2009 às 08:35. Julia, obrigada pela sua resposta e atoJ£ƒÂ§ÃƒÂÃe!!!ná coloquei em prática as suas dicas que renderam até elogios à minha pele do marido ontem!!!

  • Hello,You talk about a tag here that I did not see when I installed eMeber. Is there a place where I could see all the tags available for eMember? Like the one to show profile (not to edit), I don’t know where to find it… Thank you!

  • 80% full is a great habit of Japanese people, but we must remember that it is their diet also that contributes to their exceptional health. People from Okinawa have the longest life expectancy in the world.

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