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Hlava na špalku

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  • Wood on 20.8.2016

    What FDR ment in that video is republicans will lie and keep their agenda hidden. Democrats arent perfect but theyll always tell the truth which is what we all deserve, the truth. Our economy is like a car that the Republican Adratsnmition crashed. Obama is like a mechanic doing all he can to fix it and taking a little while because its so severe. Republicans are claiming theyll fix it faster but theyre the ones who crashed it. In reality theyll take it to the junkyard.

  • http://www./ on 23.10.2016

    La que se expresa mal soy yo… tenía que haber dicho estilo, no pintura. Y totalmente de acuerdo, como dice Ana, en que precisamente la fascinación con algo que racionalmente está fuera de nuestras predilecciones resulta mucho más subyugante, por eso de que se escapa de la lógica y se impone por puro sentimiento. Hala, ya me enrrollé.

  • empresa prestamo on 25.10.2016

    At least, not if you are investing using the U.S. dollar as your currency. As Steve Hansen pointed out in his review of a Bernanke speech Monday, the dollar is behaving in a way that doesn’t make

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